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The Making of All of Us Strangers

Cinematographer Jamie D. Ramsay, SASC details his approach to lighting the movie.

“I always like to base my lighting choices in reality,” says cinematographer Jamie D. Ramsay, SASC. For his recent collaboration with writer-director Andrew Haigh on the feature film All of Us Strangers, Ramsay once again worked with Panalux to source his lighting package, as he had on the features See How They Run and Mothering Sunday. During preproduction on All of Us Strangers, Ramsay visited Panalux to test a wide range of fixtures, landing on a package that enabled him to lean into traditional tungsten lighting for scenes set in the past and newer LED solutions for scenes in the movie’s present. In this exclusive video, the cinematographer welcomes viewers behind the scenes and into his thoughtful approach to lighting the acclaimed movie.