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Panalux unveils new lighting, power solutions complementing Panavision brands’ product portfolio at BSC Expo 2020

Panalux Sonara 4:4 LED soft light debuts alongside new h40 hybrid generator from Panalux Power.

LONDON, England (27 Jan., 2020) – At this year’s BSC Expo (30 Jan.-1 Feb., at Battersea Evolution in Battersea Park, London), Panavision and its family of brands invite attendees to take creative control across the production workflow. The product offerings on display at Stand 331, from Panavision, Panalux, and LEE Filters, all work together to enable filmmakers to create, capture, and display their visions with the greatest flexibility possible.

“All of the products we’re showcasing at BSC Expo work together to form an integrated ecosystem that allows filmmakers to capture their vision and share their stories exactly as they intend,” says Kim Snyder, president and CEO of Panavision. “I’m particularly excited about the artistry and engineering that have gone into the new products being shown by Panalux.”

BSC Expo marks the debut of the Panalux Sonara 4:4, a variable-white 4’x4’ LED soft light. This all-new, high-CRI, high-TLCI flagship soft source reproduces a broad spectrum of white light with full green/magenta control. Additionally, Panalux will unveil the new h40 hybrid generator from Panalux Power, the company’s line of power-generation products. Combining a diesel engine with an advanced lithium-ion battery, the h40 is capable of delivering constant 240V AC power up to 40KW. With the h40, Panalux is looking ahead to the future of the film industry while responding to critical climate issues confronting the planet.

“Cinematographers place a premium on properly rendered skin tones,” says David Amphlett, technical director for Panalux. “The innovative LED array in the new Panalux Sonara 4:4 provides cinematographers with the highest level of creative control, allowing them to tune the output along the widest range of white points, with subtle hue adjustment and precise control of green/magenta levels. As a result, the Panalux Sonara 4:4 renders skin tones exactly as a cinematographer intends.”

BSC Expo attendees will be able to view a scene lit with the Panalux Sonara 4:4 through Panavision’s large-format optics, including Panaspeed primes, which are currently available as a set of eight focal lengths, from 17mm to 100mm. Behind the lens, the light will reach the sensor of Panavision’s Millennium DXL2 8K camera system, which will be joined at the stand by the smaller form factor DXL-M.

Further demonstrating the Panavision brands’ offerings, LEE Filters will showcase the wide spectrum of colours available in the company’s renowned library of long-lasting and dependable lighting gels. LEE Filters will also exhibit its ProGlass Cine IRND filters, which eliminate infrared pollution and ensure colours remain absolutely accurate and true.

Complementing the stand experience, the Panavision brands will present “Practical Colour Science” on Friday in the Theatre. This session will provide attendees with a working foundation in creative colour theory while analyzing the qualities of various lights — from the new Panalux Sonara 4:4 to household bulbs — to help filmmakers better understand what will suit their creative needs. The discussion will segue directly into practical demonstrations at the stand on the show floor.

The combined effects of the lights, filters, lenses and sensors displayed in the stand will be viewable in real time on the modular Panavision LINK HDR On-Set Cart, which will provide both HDR (high dynamic range) and SDR (standard dynamic range) monitoring. This will give attendees a close-up look at the unparalleled creative control made possible by the Panavision companies’ end-to-end workflow ecosystem.