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Scorpio Classic Head

Remote Systems

The Scorpio Classic Head is a powerful and reliable remote head with a variety of features. Offering three control systems (handwheels, joystick, and pan bar), the Scorpio Classic allows for programmable and repeatable movements. The pan and roll axes have two slip rings inside, allowing for 360-degree continuous movement. 

Product Details

Max Head Weight (kg)(lbs) 2453
Max Camera Package Weight (kg)(lbs) 80 (2 axis) / 40 (3 axis)176 (2 axis) / 88 (3 axis)
Stabilized No
Controls handwheels, joystick, and pan bar
Power Requirements 19 – 34 Volts DC
Axis 2 / 3
Max Speed 360 degrees in 2.7s
Programmable Limits yes