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DXL-M expands the DXL2 ecosystem with an adaptable solution ideal for gimbal and drone photography and situations where space is at a premium. DXL-M marries the modularity and connectivity of DXL2 with the smaller size and weight of RED’s DSMC2 cameras, offering the most I/O connections possible with a DSMC2. 

Product Details

Power Input 14V
14v Power Outputs 3
24v Power Outputs 2
USB 5v 1
Video 4

DXL-M features three 14V and two 24V power outputs, Ethernet, sync/control, genlock, audio, timecode, and four HD-SDI outputs that enable two discrete signals to be sent from the camera. 


Like DXL2, DXL-M is compatible with the Primo HDR viewfinder and the full Panavision Modular accessory system.