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Phantom Flex4K

Vision ResearchCameras

The Phantom Flex4K ultra-high-speed digital camera produces 4K imagery at up to 1,000 fps. Featuring in-camera controls for menu and trigger functions, the Phantom Flex4K offers 64GB of internal storage. Our Phantom cameras are equipped with a Panavision 35 or SP70 lens mount. 

Product Details

Max Resolution 4096 x 2304
Sensor size 27.6 mm x 15.5 mm (Diagonal: 31.7mm)
Codec .cine
Media Type CineMag IV
Dynamic Range 12+
Max FPS 900fps full sensor, 2,930fps max
Dimensions (mm)(in) 292 x 140 x 20011-1/2 x 5 x 7-29/32
Weight (kg)(lbs) 6.314