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Millennium XL2


The Millennium XL2 features faster speeds, better video, improved ergonomics, and more streamlined mechanics than previous film-camera models. This lightweight sync-sound camera easily converts from studio mode to handheld or Steadicam mode, with top- or rear-mounted magazine configurations. It is compatible with all Panavision 35mm film lenses (spherical and anamorphic) and all standard accessories. 

Product Details

Sound Sync Yes
Max FPS 50
Mag Size 400 / 1000 ft
Weight (kg)(lbs) 5.4 (steadicam) 10.8 (studio)12 (steadicam) 24 (studio)

The camera can perform in-shot speed ramping from 3-50 fps in 4 seconds. 


A variable in-shot adjustable shutter range of 11.2-180 degrees, dual registration pins, and dual pull-down claws make this one of the quietest and most versatile film cameras available. 


The Millenium XL2 package includes a short viewfinder for handheld and a telescoping viewfinder for studio mode. The optical viewfinder is completely detachable for quick conversion to Steadicam mode or remote crane operation. 


Accepts the Millennium 400-foot and 1000-foot lightweight composite magazines, which can be top- or rear-mounted for studio or handheld configurations. 


Other camera features include a three-position de-anamorphoser switch (spherical, anamorphic, and closed), two contrast-viewing filters (0.6 and 0.9 neutral density), a behind-the-lens filter slot, and built-in camera-body and eyepiece heaters.